Governing Council

The Governing Council has 16 members consisting of:
•          Persons elected at the AGM held February/March each year
•          The Principal
•          A staff member
•          Nominees from Hawthorndene Kindergarten, Parents & Friends
•          Two community nominees

The Governing Council is responsible for developing an understanding and basis by which a partnership can be formed with the Principal and staff and the community, including students, so that the vision and direction of the school is shared by all. The Governing Council in this framework is responsible for developing policy in a number of areas.


  • School tone – uniform
    • Guidelines for standing committees and approval structures
    •          Approving the school’s financial budget  and  establishing  priorities  for
    •          Facilities priorities within the overall budget concerns
    •          Fund raising policy and management
    •          Feedback policies which enable the appropriate school personnel to make
    informed decisions

The Governing Council is responsible for developing a strategic plan which has appropriate targets and also meets the government priorities. In all these areas of  responsibility,  the  Principal  and  the  Governing  Council  should  be  in partnership. Governing Council meetings are generally held in weeks 4 and 9 of each term on the Tuesday commencing at 7.30pm in the Resource Centre or via online meetings.

HPS Governing Council Constitution 

HPS Governing Council Policy Framework

HPS Governing Council Standing Orders