Latest News

From the Acting Principal

The excitement and engagement in so many wonderful learning opportunities has made the time pass so quickly this term. It is hard to believe the we are getting close to the next school holidays already. The weather is changing giving us so much more opportunity to take our learning outside. It won’t be long before the ducks move off the oval and we move on!

2024 classes
Planning for 2024 is well underway and the task of determining our class structures has begun. If you have any educational reasons that affect your child which class teachers are unaware of, now is the time to speak to teachers. Please remember this does not include requests for specific teachers. If you have any further information that will affect your child’s access to the curriculum, please forward this to the email.

If you are planning to leave HPS and haven’t already indicated please fill in the planning form available on Audiri.

Hats On!
Hats are required for all outside activities now that the UV is consistently over 3. Please ensure your child has a hat each day and it is labelled clearly. If students do not have hats, they are required to sit in the shade under the COMA for Recess, Lunch and any other organized outdoor activities.

If you wish for your child to wear sunscreen during the day please apply in the morning and remind your child to reapply during the day with sunscreen provided from home.

A big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers we have had around school in Term 3. There have been many excursions supported by enthusiastic volunteers, reading in classrooms and even some brave volunteers who helped with some cooking activities! Netball and Soccer have wrapped up for the season so a big THANK YOU to the coaches of our teams for 2023. Remember, if you would like to volunteer and are not registered, please visit the website for details on the process.

School will get out at 2.10pm on Friday, September 29th ready for the school holidays.

Have a happy and safe holidays and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.

From the Acting Deputy

Information and communication technologies (ICTs), including the computer network, internet access facilities, computers and other ICT equipment/devices bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programs at our school. The overall goal of our school is to create and maintain a cyber-safety culture that is in keeping with our values and with legislative and professional obligations.

To achieve this, rigorous cyber-safety practices are in place at school, which include cyber-safety User Agreements for staff and students, to ensure that ICT is used safely and responsibly. The User Agreement, which is signed by all students and families upon enrolment at our school, includes information about the obligations, responsibilities, and the nature of possible consequences associated with cyber-safety breaches that undermine the safety of the school environment. Child protection education, such as the Keeping Safe child protection curriculum, includes information about remaining safe when using technologies and is provided to all students.

As part of the three-way relationship between child, home, and school, we all play a critical role in developing knowledge, understanding and ethics around children’s safety and safe practices. Being cyber-safe is no exception and we invite you to have open dialogue with your child about the use of ICT and the strategies to help us all stay safe when using ICT at school and after school hours.

Thank you for your ongoing support in your child’s education and online safety.

 From the Resource Centre


Overdues have been issued and we ask that you assist your child/ren in searching for these books. Your help is greatly appreciated. Overdues are emailed home now and I thank all families for actioning them.


A reminder that borrowing and returning is before school from 8.30am – 8.50am and after school until 3.30pm. No borrowing is permitted during recess and lunch. The library closes at 3.30pm.

Loan Limits

  • Reception to Year 3 (3 items)
  • Years 3 to 5 (4 items)
  • Year 6 (6 items)   (Senior Fiction and Picture Books for Older Readers are for year 6 only)

In the past we have had students in year 5 requesting to read titles above their reading level, and with a signed note from a parent, this is permitted.

We also offer library cards to our Kindergarten / Preschool children.

All borrowers may have items on loan for 2 weeks. Items can also be reserved for you too!


Borrowing of books is permitted for the school holidays. Please refrain from taking books ‘away’ if going away as they sometimes end up being left behind! Thank you.


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your support of our Spring Book Fair. We raised much needed funds to enable the purchasing of books for our library! We really appreciate your support!

We hope you enjoy your rest and recreation for these holidays.

Student News

HPS Netball has just concluded for 2023 and what a great season we have had!  This year we had 44 registered players across 5 teams from years 2-6.  Our wonderful parent coaches helped the players through 13 rounds of netball in which we competed against other Southern Adelaide schools.

Well done to all players for your hard work, training and playing throughout the season, and to all those parents that supported us.  I really hope all players have learnt lots of new skills, made new friends and most importantly had lots of fun.  I wish our year 6 players all the best with their netball futures and hope to see everyone else back again next year.  New players are always welcome across year levels 2-6, so look out for registrations in Term 1 2024 if your child might be interested in giving netball a go next year.

Festival of Music

This week and last the Festival of Music is taking place in Adelaide. This involves thousands of students from across the state and represents the culmination of almost a year’s learning and rehearsals. We have four HPS students who have successfully auditioned for special roles in the Adelaide concert series. Eleanor H is a host for two of the concerts. Mackenzie S is in the dance troupe for five performances. Mathilda R and Poppy T are in the South Australian Public Primary Schools (SAPPS) Choir, which is performing as a guest artist at tonight’s concert. We also have a recent HPS graduate, Tilly S, who is a soloist with the troupe for five performances. I was lucky enough to watch Eleanor and Tilly perform last week. They did incredibly well. I have no doubt that our other students are also shining.


Our school choir is performing early next term in the associated Southern Metropolitan Music Festival. The students have worked hard to learn a lot of choral repertoires and can be very proud of their singing. Eve C and Callum M have successfully auditioned to be hosts at Southern and the senior members of the HPS Taiko Ensemble will be performing as an assisting artist. Ngaire C and Kexin F will be choreography leaders and we will have Adele L, Eleanor H, Mathilda R and Sebastian B as soloists.

Congratulations to all our performers!