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Dear Families,

Thank you all for your diligence in monitoring students for sickness, testing as required and ensuring students remain at home to recover. All of this helps to support the well-being of our school community.

A reminder to report all COVID cases to the school either by phone or using the This is incredibly important as we are required to undertake daily reporting to the Department for Education. DfE monitor our case numbers to decide when a critical level has been reached which may close classes or the school.


Thank you to Tam Jackett who facilitated the activities and learning, supported by all teachers. Although this is one week on our calendar we are working hard to embed Indigenous perspectives across our teaching and learning.

We also acknowledge the Cultural Perspectives Focus Group who support Tam in promoting cultural awareness.

Special mention to Elizabeth Close for her vision for ‘Into the Night’ which was so well attended by our school community. It was a very special event fortunately highlighted on the live cross for Channel 7 weather which took place on the night.


This term we welcome back Sarah Ward who will be facilitating art sessions every Thursday across the school. Every class will have 2 sessions with Sarah this term.

Sue Hutchesson has been on leave for weeks 2 and 3.

A warm welcome to Cody Kelsh for Room 11.

Student Free Day

Staff participated enthusiastically in the SFD held on Day 1 this term. Working collaboratively with the staff from Eden Hills Primary School, literacy and numeracy were the focus for the morning sessions. In the afternoon HPS staff worked on the third component of our site improvement plan which is Critical and Creative Thinking. It was a very productive start to the term for teachers.

Parent survey now open

The DfE parent survey is an annual, voluntary survey that gathers feedback from parents and carers of school-aged children and young people. The survey occurs annually in term 3 of the school year. The 2022 survey is open from 1 August to 28 August.

The survey results will help DfE understand:

  • what we’re doing well
  • where we can improve
  • what’s important to parents and carers

Parents and carers will be invited via email or SMS to participate in the DfE parent survey. The survey closes Sunday 28 August. If you did not receive an email or SMS with your unique survey link, contact and include our school’s name in your email.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes.

 Powerful Learner Awards

Ethan completed set study ladder tasks on time, Lucy showed initiative during an outdoor measurement task, Liam wrote a fantastic information report and Michala left a piece of art and a note for the cleaner to thank her for cleaning the classroom.

Congratulations to our powerful learners.


As per the Sunsmart Policy from the 1st August each year the wearing of hats comes under consideration. During August the weather and UV rating are monitored to determine if hats are necessary. Regardless of how August progresses hat wearing is compulsory from the 1st September.


Planning is underway for next year. A form has been sent home to be completed one per child and returned by Friday 19th August. The number of enrolments predicted for 2023 determines how many classes and therefore teachers, the school can have. It is important that this information is accurate. Your assistance ensuring our prediction is correct, is much appreciated. Please return your child’s form by the due date.

From the Deputy

Term 3 is well underway with lots of exciting things happening that help develop student wellbeing. “Wellbeing means having good or satisfactory conditions of existence-in health, happiness and prosperity. It is a complex and interrelated set of factors and not a tangible thing that exists in isolation. A holistic approach to children and young people’s development sets trajectory for lifelong wellbeing outcomes”.

—WELLBEING FOR LEARNING AND LIFE, A framework for building resilience and wellbeing in children and young people. DfE

Engaging opportunities for students this term include Arbury Park Camp, BikeEd, Student Representative Council (SRC) Improvement Plan actions , Kindy orientation, addition of ‘loose parts’ play equipment for junior primary students, Lunch clubs, AusKick Footy Clinic, Art lessons with a resident artist, Choir performances, incursions and excursions.

It is these opportunities that create life development chances, help students believe in their own potential and build aspirations, strengthen partnerships with the school and wider community by creating meaningful connections and promote awareness of individual abilities.

We are committed to providing students with learning and life opportunities that contribute to their wellbeing development.

Just a few highlights:

Kindy orientation
This term we will welcome the children from Hawthorndene Kindergarten to specialist lessons in Week 3, 4, 6 and 8. Our goal is to foster strong relationships between the Kindy educators, children, school staff and school students. We value the professional collaboration between Preschool and school teachers and educators and aim to strengthen the continuity of learning across levels of schooling.

SRC Improvement Plan
SRC executives and Student Action Teams have met to continue their work on the improvement plan by reflecting on past actions, monitor the success of current actions and create new action plans for strengthening student agency/voice across the school community. Look out for the SRC Improvement Plan in the next newsletter.

Resource Centre

It is wonderful to see so many student reading records flowing in. The theme for our board this year ties in with the Book Week theme:

‘Dreaming with Eyes Open.

Our board is looking very colourful and full, indeed! Congratulations to the following students for completing their PRC so far this year!

A reminder that the PRC wraps up on Friday, Week 7, Term 3 so don’t forget to hand your sheets in to the Library.


Overdues have been issued and we ask that you assist your child/ren in searching for these books. Your help is greatly appreciated.


A reminder that borrowing and returning is before school from 8.30am – 8.50am and after school until 3.30pm. No borrowing is permitted during recess and lunch.

Loan Limits

  • Reception to Year 3 (3 items)
  • Years 3 to 5 (4 items)
  • Year 6 (6 items)  (Senior Fiction and Picture
  • Books for Older Readers are for year 6 only)

In the past we have had students in year 5 requesting to read titles above their reading level, and with a signed note from a parent, this is permitted.

We also offer library cards to our Kindergarten / Preschool children.

All borrowers may have items on loan for 2 weeks. Items can also be reserved for you too!

Book week is term 3, week 5 and we will be celebrating books and Australian Children’s authors and illustrators. It is also when the winners of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) will be announced.

All classes will be involved in a session in the library surrounding the shortlisted books and in the next newsletter we will share the art work students have created.

On Friday of week 5, students are invited to dress up as a book character or to suit the theme this year, Dreaming with eyes open. We can’t wait to see all the costumes!

Stay warm everyone! That sunny weather is just around the corner!


The Oliphant Science Awards  have come around again this year!

The Oliphant Science Awards is an annual competition for South Australian school students that aims to support, encourage, and celebrate science education within South Australian schools. This year we had an amazing 13 entries in the awards from Year 1 to Year 5. These entries ranged from a scientific inquiry, posters, photography, and even a board game, all of which showed great scientific understanding. The interest in the awards has been growing and since the deadlines have passed, I have had other students come to me asking about the awards and how they can enter next year.

The Oliphant Science Awards is hosting the entire Open Day at Science Alive! for the first time this year! On display will be all the Models & Inventions projects, plus the winning entries from all the other categories, including Crystal Investigations, Games, Multimedia, Photography, Posters, Programming Apps & Robotics, Science Writing & Scientific Inquiry. Come along to find out if your entry won a prize this year, find out about the competition, or get some inspiration for next year, where I believe we will have many more entries which is exciting!

Student News

During Term 2 Room 10 participated in a Water Warriors challenge that saw us use a STEM Design Process to help solve a water problem in our school. We chose the leaking fountains, taps being jammed on and where the wasted water could be redirected.

We have learnt so much during this challenge and used a STEM Design approach with such expertise.

Everyone contributed from Room 10 to the final display, and we all worked hard to present quality information. We linked the challenge to Literacy, Science and Maths topics to search for solutions to water problems in our school.

We wrote a persuasive statement to Mr. Allen explaining why we were the best fit for the job! After reading the statement to the class there was a vote. There were six of us who were elected by our class, to travel in Mr. Allen and Mr G’s cars to Adelaide.

Tuesday week 2 was Room 10’s big day to showcase the Makers Empire/SA Water Challenge at Lot 14 in Adelaide. We set up our display as soon as we got there then walked around to see the other school displays. Ayla read the Acknowledgment to Country, such an honour for her. She was fantastic and didn’t miss a word. Congrats Ayla, everyone is proud of your courage to stand up.

As the opening ceremony was completed, we walked around and spoke to the other students. They also asked us about our display and what we did at school. We all spoke about various aspects of the challenge and who had done what in our class, mentioning all in our class and how everyone contributed.

Eli and Rafe were interviewed and “live streamed” to a school in the Riverland. They spoke well and explained our Water Warriors project perfectly.

Thanks to Mr Allen and Mr G for inspiring us, transporting   us, setting up with a STEM focus and for 3D printing our prototypes. The Water Warriors challenge has been amazing.


On Monday, classes were educated and entertained by Jack Buckskin, a Kaurna and Narungga man. Jack gave a Welcome to Country to open our NAIDOC week and shared stories and a didgeridoo performance.

Throughout the week, the Student Action team ran Kaurna language lessons with the classes. They taught the following words, and we are encouraging students to use these on a daily basis.

niina marni                  hello

marni na pudni            welcome

nii                                yes

yaku                             no

nakutha                       goodbye

ngaityalya                    thank you

Elizabeth Close (local artist and parent) developed a virtual Art activity in collaboration with The Art Gallery of South Australia for students to complete in individual classes. This involved discussing different indigenous artists and creating their own Boab leaf.

On Thursday Matt Jamieson (parent) and students from Unley High School shared their learning about Indigenous seasons, Indigenous Astronomy and Indigenous Water Filtration.

We had the community evening, ‘Into the Light’. It was wonderful to celebrate NAIDOC week with families, see student work and experience Elizabeth Close’s inspirational artwork.

Students enjoyed bush tucker ice creams on Friday to end a great week.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a successful NAIDOC week!

Matsuri Taiko

Recently the HPS Students were involved in a taiko drumming workshop with Matsuri Taiko. We played on lots of different types of taiko drums, all different shapes and sizes. Everyone really enjoyed this experience. We would love to do it next year. In the different sessions we learned different skills and different styles of drumming. After Lunch they performed a fabulous show for us and shared some taiko history. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in this workshop.

Ayla R and Lucy B