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Engagement with learning: a partnership between school and home: Part 2

Part of ‘challenging students to connect and contribute to their world’ is recognising the importance of valuable learning experiences that occur at school, at home and in the community.

HPS supports a partnership between school and home by using the educational application of Seesaw. The last newsletter highlighted how Seesaw can be used to provide input into your child’s learning by sharing your own experiences and expertise and activating student’s prior knowledge through conversation about the content posted.

This newsletter focus is to highlight how Seesaw is used to provide ongoing reporting.

Showing samples of work with explanations of the task, expectations of the learning and/or possible next steps in learning provides families with an ongoing report of progression of learning.  As a family you can see what your child is capable of, what they are producing in the classroom and you may notice something that needs more attention, something you may be able to incorporate into your home life. This could be anything from noticing letter or number reversals and then practicing by painting or using sidewalk chalk. It could be noticing that sentence writing needs more detail and get back to reading descriptive books together to develop language. Seeing the learning also gives families a better understanding of questions you may want to ask the teacher about the progression of learning. For example, you may see a work sample displaying advanced questioning skills in a task and want to know more about how to incorporate deeper questioning into topics of conversation at home. Stay tuned for more information about engagement with learning.

Wellbeing Resources
The health and wellbeing of our community is important in creating a thriving learning environment. Our school website provides links to sites you may find useful.

Powerful Learner Attributes

Well done to our students who were nominated for recognition as a powerful learner. At our week 3 assembly the following students received an award.

Brody W. Room 2 Open minded- for giving it a go

Thomas C. Room 7 Problem solver, growth mindset – for stretching himself when learning about place value

Hugo W. Room 2 Communicator – working hard in writing

Janine B. Room 7 Collaborator – supporting her classmates when they were in the learning pit

PBL Technology
Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a framework for creating safe and orderly learning environments while improving social and emotional outcomes for students. Based on data and/or evidence collected, a framework is co-constructed to ensure a positive approach.

A big THANK YOU to the volunteers we currently have working as Sports Coordinators and Coaches. Many students and families are benefiting from your contribution to Out of School Hours Sports. Your effort, time and commitment are appreciated.
If you are considering volunteering and have not yet registered please

click the link

Resource Centre


The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) has commenced with a lot of excitement from the students.

The PRC was introduced in 2004 to:

  • Encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading.
  • Improve literacy levels.

The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and early September. All students have been issued with their first sheet. The list of PRC books and Record Forms are available online at:

In 2023, the PRC is 20 years old and to celebrate, they are offering another sheet for students to read 20 BOOKS (rather than the normal 12). Every student who reads 20 or more books in 2023, will receive a certificate of recognition as well as their ongoing award.

Find out more here:

Congratulations to those students who have already completed the challenge for 2023!

Zoe P Ale R Silas B
Onyx E Milania B Valentino B
Isaac O Claire F Ruby T
Ethan H Samuel S Alison S
Ollie M Jonathan Z Tom B
Emmeline J-C Mia W Hugo W
Elliot B



We have been grateful to be able to send overdues out to parents now via email (with covers of books visible) to assist those students in finding / returning their overdues.


A reminder that borrowing and returning is before school from 8.30am – 8.50am and after school until 3.30pm. No borrowing is permitted during recess and lunch.

Loan Limits

  • Reception to Year 3 (3 items)
  • Years 3 to 5 (4 items)
  • Year 6 (6 items)   (Senior Fiction and Picture Books for Older Readers are for year 6 only)

In the past we have had students in year 5 requesting to read titles above their station, and with a signed note from a parent, this is permitted.

We also offer library cards to our Kindergarten / Preschool children.

All borrowers may have items on loan for 2 weeks. Items can also be reserved for you too!

We look forward to perhaps meeting you in our beautiful Resource Centre one day soon.


The Cultural Perspective SAT has been focusing on investigating how many cultures are represented at HPS so that we can have awareness of all cultures. Stay tuned for more information. Jasmine

The Health and Well-Being SAT would like to remind you that playing the active games on the courts around school can contribute to your PBAC. Get involved and get active! Harper


On Wednesday 1st March, HPS was involved in a try out swimming carnival for the Southern Heights district area. The HPS swimming team was made up of these amazing students, Stevie, Harper, Olive, Euan, Jenson, Devon and myself Lucy. The carnival went for the whole morning and it was so much fun as we got to cheer on our team mates.

Lucy – Room 10