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Dear Families,

We have passed the halfway mark for Term 4 and the number of events successfully facilitated by staff and students has been enjoyed by everyone. The interruption caused by the power outages was well managed by everyone. It was difficult to ensure messages were received, I am grateful for the parent networks that helped pass on information. It was quite eerie being at school with no power, internet, or phone (landline or mobile). I do hope damage was minimal for all our families.

Japanese Festival

Sensei once again planned a day of activities reflecting Japanese culture. Well done to the HPS Taiko drummers who performed at the opening assembly and then during recess under the COMA. It was lovely to welcome some of our parents to watch this recess performance of our drummers. The year 5/ 6 students planned and taught lessons for the younger students as part of their semester 2 assessment. Students enjoyed the return of the Sumo suits. Early years students all tried Taiko drumming. Lunch was enjoyed by staff and students.

Thank you Sensei for all your efforts to ensure the day ran smoothly.

Choir and instrumental concert

Our plans were disrupted by the power outages but amazingly Lucy Pfeifer was able to coordinate and go ahead in our school gym.

Student performances were outstanding and demonstrated resilience with the change in arrangements. Thankyou Ms Pfeifer for coordinating the annual HPS performance.

Padnipadniya tirntu (Sports Day)

It was delightful to have so many families supporting students at our annual Padnipadniya tirntu (Sports Day). Many thanks to Mrs Byrne for organising not only the day but also activities for the week as part of PE Week.  Congratulations to all students who participated enthusiastically. We got through the planned events despite the change in the weather.

DfE student forum

On the 8th November I had the privilege of taking two of our students to the student forum facilitated by the Department for Education. They wanted to hear from our students how they felt about school and what could be improved. Makenzie and William heard from the Minister for Education and met the Chief Executive, Martin Westwall.

On Tuesday the 8th of November myself and William went to the

Adelaide Convention Centre for the Public School Student Forum with

Mrs Winterling and every other school in South Australia. The task was to find out how to make our school better for the students, but as you can imagine we only found a few things to improve.  There were 3 lessons all about putting information in our hands.  In my opinion my favourite lesson was when we got to write down what schools should stop doing and what they should start doing.  It was so much fun. I wonder who will be picked next year to go? Makenzie W

On Tuesday of week 4 Makenzie, Mrs. Winterling and I went to the Convention Centre in the city to attend a student forum. We analysed tests and graphs of students throughout public schools in the state, and how to change public schools for the better and improve students’ well-being. We also discussed ways we could make schools better and what we can improve on throughout the schools and spent time analyzing those ideas and making data. It was a really fun day too with a fantastic lunch.  William

Parents and friends

Megan Hausler submitted a grant application to Green Adelaide to rejuvenate our Indigenous Garden. The school received notification the application has been successful. This is a wonderful outcome, and we can now move forward on this project.

Thank you, Megan, supported by P and F for your work to ensure a successful outcome. Keep a look out for opportunities to support the planned works.

Annual concert

Students, teachers, and Ms Pfeifer are well into rehearsals for the annual concert. All students will rehearse on Tuesday 8th December and then perform for families that evening commencing at 6pm.

Should the weather be unfavourable we will try to use the COMA to perform but this will require strategic timetabling so families can move under to watch their own child/ ren and move away again for the next class.

Bushfire preparations

The school has been audited to ensure we are well prepared for the coming season. Attached to this newsletter is some information from SAPOL which the school has been asked to share with families.

“South Australia Police are committed to preventing bushfires in your local area.  Please find attached fact sheets including Mowers and Slashers, Garden Waste and Campfires along with the Bushfire Travel Companion. For more information, please visit the CFS website.

Please direct any queries to the Community Engagement Office on 8207 4820.”

This is a link to the parent brochure ‘Bushfire and your child’s school or preschool’ which I urge you to access.

End of term/ year

With only 3 weeks to go, please continue to monitor Seesaw and Skoolbag for notifications.

Class Placement

As usual, this is a rigorous process with staff considering the needs of all students.

There is an excellent post by Madhavi Nawana Parker from Positive Minds Australia which parents are encouraged to read. It provides many wonderful ways that parents can help make the transition smoother to a new class/teacher for your child.

One of the points she makes is worth keeping in mind:

“Schools genuinely do their best with the class placement decision. If you are concerned, it is possible they are too but when weighing everything up, had no other direction to turn to. Supporting your child’s teachers and school is a crucial part of your child’s psychological and academic success there.”

Term 1 2023

Commences for students on Monday 30th January. The school will be open on the 23rd– 25th January and closed from Thursday 26th January until the students return on the 30th.

Proposed Dates for 2023

The following dates have been approved by Governing Council

Student free days

Term 1 – Thursday 6th April (the day before Easter)

Term 2 – Wednesday 17th May

Term 3 – Monday 24th July working with Eden Hills PS (Day 1 term 3)

Term 4 – Friday 10th November

Annual School Closure Day – Monday 4th September.

SRC 2023
Meet our newly elected SRC for next year Harper, Mika, Callum and Jasmine.

This week the current year 5’s voted in their SAT.

These students now have an opportunity to work with our 2022 SRC and become knowledgeable about the role ahead of them.


A great opportunity has arisen for all families to visit / purchase from our Book

Fair. This will be held on FRIDAY, 9 December under our C.O.M.A.

Times:              8.30am – 10.00am

2.00pm – 4.30pm

We will have the latest books, posters and gift packs available to purchase as well as the popular ‘trinkets’ (these make great stocking fillers).

EFTPOS and Cash sales can be made on this day.

We look forward to catching up with you all soon!



The Premier’s Reading Challenge medals and certificates have been issued now and all students were proud to receive their awards. We would like to thank all the students for taking part this year and congratulate them on their efforts.


Parents / caregivers will be emailed overdue notices now to assist the students in locating their overdue books. Students may also bring home any notices pertaining to overdues. Please assist them in finding these books or if resources cannot be found, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the library staff, 8278 3551 ext. 122. Thank you!

ALL books must be returned by Monday, week 8 (5/12).  There is NO BORROWING permitted beyond this date.

Thank you!


As per previous years, Hawthorndene Primary is setting

up the Giving Tree in the library.

This year all gifts will be donated to the

‘Vinnies Christmas Appeal’.

This tree will be set up from Week 5 in the library. As per the poster, toys, gifts and non-perishable food items are warmly welcomed.  On behalf of Vinnies, thank you for your support and generosity in helping those families who may find Christmas tough this year.

Japanese Day

On Thursday in week 4, term 4, our school celebrated our specialist

language of Japanese. The day took off with a spectacular start at the assembly, hosted by Sienna V, the year 6 Japanese leader. The assembly was filled with performances from different classes and the Taiko students. Everyone dressed up in readiness to spend a day full of Japanese-related activities.

Almost everyone put an order in for the brilliant recess and lunch of Taiyaki (a bean filled fish shaped pancake) and yakisoba (fried noodles). These were handed out throughout the day. But there is more than just food in Japan, so the students of HPS took part in several activities on this brilliant day. For the year R-2’s, Taiko drumming was available to learn in individual school classes, and for the older kids, sumo was a highlight of the day. People would dress up in huge sumo suits and learn sumo fighting. It is a very popular sport in Japan, but they don’t have to wear the suits!

All the upper primary students (year 5, 6’s) used their time wisely in Japanese to make a lesson for the younger kids. They got into random groups chosen by Sensei and decided on a topic that they could teach. Ideas were tossed around until everyone had a lesson plan. On Japanese day each of the lessons were taught to year 4’s and below, and they loved them. Finally, Japanese games were played in the Japanese room at an allocated time. These included the ones everyone knew, like the Sushi Go Party, and the brand-new games Sensei bought especially. These were a smashing hit, especially the Sushi Jenga!

Overall, the day was a huge success. It was a brilliant day that everyone enjoyed. For the year 6’s, it was a final one to remember, and for the years below, a day to look forward to for all future years. It took a lot of time and effort to create the atmosphere of the day, not to mention the assembly, classes, games, sumo and delicious food provided. Thank you to Sensei for all your hard work and dedication to planning the event. It was a great day, don’t you agree? Written by Sienna V and Ayla R

Choir and Instrumental Music Concert

On Tuesday the 15th of November, the choir and instrumental music ensembles of Hawthorndene Primary performed. They did so in the gym of Hawthorndene Primary School, as the original location for the night’s performance, Blackwood High School, was closed due to the previous storm. Although Blackwood High was cancelled in such short notice, the team at HPS put all their effort in to make sure the concert went ahead.

It ended up being a spectacular night. The choir, guitar students, recorder students and the stings orchestra all put a lot of effort learning all the songs that kept the night running. Everyone had a blast performing and watching. There were lots of soloists throughout the night, singing with confidence and pride. The brave soloists included Belle, Mathilda, Eve and Jasmine who sang Who Knows, Molly and Bonnie who sang in When Galaxies Collide, Mathilda and Grace in Stargazers, and a River in the Sky World was sung by Sienna and Ayla. For I Got The Music we had Bahar, Simone, Jasmine, Rose and Poppy singing, and then, we had Pepper, Ale, Imogen and Ngaire doing the rap in the bridge. In Can You Feel It, the outstanding soloists were Belle and Neveah. We had three brilliant students in Can You Feel It, Elenor, Olive and Ngaire. The last song for the night was You’ve Got a True Friend, the soloists featured Ella, Hanna, Alice, Eleanor and Ayla. With this song we had everyone on stage including the troupe dancing, the strings and choir, recorder and guitar students singing.

In between all of our choir performances we had a few other performances, which included guitar, recorder and strings. The guitar ensemble played four songs, Au Clair de la Lune, Sakura, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The fabulous recorder children played Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Here comes Treble and the Stripy Cat Crawl. For the Strings, they took a seaside turn and played two songs, Barrier Reef and Cap’n Jacks Hornpipe. All these ensembles practiced for weeks that helped to make the concert interesting and entertaining.

Everyone that participated in the night’s performances rehearsed the songs that were performed. It took a lot of their time and effort. The choir, guitar, strings, and recorder students all had an important part in the concert. They were all impressive performers and brought joy to the audience. It was a brilliant performance that everybody enjoyed. It took a lot of planning to make the night happen, especially with the sudden change in location. Congratulations to all the people that took part in the concert, especially the adaptable staff and students that took everything as it came. Well done to them all, for pulling off the spectacular night.


In Term 3, I was lucky enough to work with Rooms 18, 3, and 8 and we took part in the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge for this year titled, Space to Dream. This is a competition where the students were challenged to use the design thinking process to design a toy or gadget for someone their age who is moving to Mars. Students had to brainstorm to first produce as many ideas as they could and then used pencil and paper to design their toy or gadget. The students’ toys or gadget were then created using free 3D design tools from Makers Empire. I am in the process of making sure all the designs are 3D printed for the students using our 3D printers in the library.

I am also excited to announce that the Commissioner has selected Ethan Willson’s design from Room 8, Scented Calming Air Freshener as one of the top-rated designs to be part of her state-wide Space to Dream travelling exhibition. Ethan’s hand drawn design will be enlarged, printed, and mounted in 2D to be displayed alongside other top-rated designs. The Space to Dream exhibition begins at the Australian Space Discovery Centre in December and travels throughout the state for the duration of 2023.