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Dear Families,

It has been delightful to return to school after my extended leave. I am reminded of how wonderful our students are at HPS and how much I miss them when I am away.

There is a quiet level of optimism and enthusiasm as Term 2 commences. The break has helped students and teachers recharge after the disruptions of last term. As I have visited classrooms it has been encouraging that so many of our classes have close to 100% attendance.

Your continued vigilance and monitoring of student sickness is much appreciated as we now also enter flu season. Keeping everyone safe and well is always a priority.


Welcome to Nicola Hastings working as classroom and student support.

Term 2 Calendar

A reminder to check the ‘live’ calendar on the website, for updates and changes. Please list events in your diary. Teachers will also send reminders via seesaw as more details are available for some of the planned activities.

It is important for families to continue to monitor school events and student opportunities through the newsletter, skoolbag app and seesaw. Be mindful of closing dates so that students do not miss out.

Please note that due to the forthcoming Student Free Day on Friday 20th May, our students are encouraged to participate in walk to school day at Hawthorndene PS on Friday 27th May. (see more details further in the newsletter)

Student Free Day

On the 20th May staff will be working on their actions from our Site Improvement Plan (SIP). The SIP is available on the school website for anyone wanting further information.


Our students are now moving forward with SRC responsibilities and SAT.

The Mother’s Day stall was the first event for our SRC and they managed superbly.

Going forward all the Year 5 and 6 students form SAT. There are four: Cultural, Ecological, Health and Well Being and Community. Each SAT has a SRC representative and teacher.

SAT’s meet in odd weeks and SRC even weeks.

The purpose of SAT is to drive the change in thinking and behaviour across the whole school. All students in all classes become active participants in creating change in our local community.

SRC will share with families how this is occurring.

 Parents and Friends

This is an enthusiastic group of parents who are keen to build the community connections that have sadly been a little difficult to maintain over the last two years. Meetings are usually on a Friday once or twice a term. We are hoping for face-to-face meetings in the future and if you are unable to attend a Zoom link can be provided. P and F are involved in fundraising, they are also available as class reps if you need some support. Currently the Indigenous Community Garden is a major focus and your involvement no matter how small would be appreciated.

If you need further information, please contact your class rep or the school.

Governing Council

Families may ask “What does the Governing Council do?”

The Governing Council is a decision-making body and is responsible, with the Principal, for providing leadership for the good governance of the school.

In particular they work in collaboration with the School Leadership and staff:

  • For the best interest of the site and its community (without personal interests or agendas).
  • Set monitor and review the site’s vision and purpose.
  • Develop and regularly review school policies and procedures.
  • To allocate the resources available to the site in support of continuous improvement of

learning for all students as specified in the Site Improvement Plan, through active

participation in the annual development of the school budget, tracking and monitoring expenditure through the Finance Advisory Committee.

  • To allocate resources for effective management of the school OSHC Service

and tracking and monitoring expenditure through the Finance Advisory Committee and

OSHC Advisory Committee

  • Provide a forum for parent, staff and student participation and decision making, and

ensure that the educational needs of the students are addressed.

  • Plan and track and monitor the improvement goals as outlined in the Site Improvement

Plan and monitoring student safety and wellbeing.

  • Report learning and wellbeing improvements annually to the site’s community and

Minister through the Annual Reporting process.

The AGM postponed from Term 1 will be held on Tuesday 24th May. It will be conducted in the school gym, please arrive at 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


There continues to be hope as the Department for Education provide ongoing advice. Remain vigilant for symptoms and seek RAT / PCR confirmation.

Please notify the school of positive cases.

All the best for the term ahead; as always it will be another busy one.


From the Deputy

Parent Forum

SERU (Special Education Resource Unit) is hosting a parent forum for parents and carers of children with disability. Parents and carers of children with disability are invited to join a free parent forum on Friday 27 May.

The forum will open with the keynote by Angela Falkenberg, President SA Primary Principals Association titled ‘Self-care is not selfish – When we are at our best, we play better, work better and parent better’.

When: Friday 27 May 2022
Time: 10.00am to 2.00pm
Venue: 72a Marlborough St, Henley Beach

Follow the link below for registration information.
Parent Forum Registration.

National Walk Safely to School Day 2022

National Walk Safely to School Day is an initiative which encourages all primary school children to walk and commute safely to school. We will be promoting the day on Friday, May 27th.

The day is a great opportunity for schools, parents, carers, and students to highlight the importance of being a safe road user and the environmental benefits that regular walking, especially to and from school, can provide.

Now in its 23rd year, the objectives of National Walk Safely to School Day are:
-to encourage parents and carers to walk regularly with their children, all or part of the way to school
-to promote the health benefits of walking and create regular walking habits

-to help children develop vital road crossing skills and ensure children up to the are of 10 hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road

-to reduce car dependency and traffic congestion, especially around schools
-to reduce the level of air pollution created by motor vehicles
-to promote the use of public transport

When you arrive at school, please come to the COMA to celebrate everyone’s effort!

Volunteering at HPS

The Volunteer procedure is available on the school website at

Volunteer roles at HPS may include Sports Coaching, Camps and Excursions and Classroom Volunteers.

If you think you might be interested in any of these roles in the future, please consider registering to be a volunteer by following the process outlined on the website. Please consider registering to volunteer before an event is planned as it can take up to two weeks to follow through with the process.

Once registered as a volunteer you will remain on our list for the length of your child’s time at HPS. The only thing that will need to be updated as they expire are your clearances.

Volunteers for camps and excursions and classroom volunteers will be asked to participate in activities on a needs basis, determined by the classroom teachers and/or leadership. You will be invited to participate in these volunteer opportunities via SeeSaw, email or in person.

Student News

On Anzac Day Monday 25th of April, Jasper from room 3 and I laid a wreath at the Blackwood Dawn Service on behalf of Hawthorndene Primary School. The theme of the Anzac morning is lest we forget. It means that we never forget the people that sacrificed themselves to save our country and we will never forget how horrible war is.

Eli K.

I went to the dawn service on ANZAC day. It was loud and crowded. I remember the cold, twilight morning and the soldiers’ camouflage clothes. The service made me feel interested, a bit scared and very sad.

– Thomas C 


ANZAC Day Eve Youth Vigil.

On April 24th I participated in the ANZAC Day Eve Youth Vigil at the Blackwood War Memorial.

With the Sturt Group CFS Cadets, I stood in 30 minute shifts from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am with the Scout groups from Blackwood, Belair and Eden Hills.

I did four shifts throughout the night and morning. There were 6 people on each shift and I felt cold and tired at 4:00 am.

The Army Cadets took their stand and the Blackwood RSL started the Dawn Service with hundreds of people coming to watch.

It made me think about people at war and I can’t imagine feeling uncomfortable and hungry for many nights and being away from my family for a long time.

The ANZAC Day Eve Youth Vigil is special because it isn’t done in many places. It is an important event to our Blackwood community.

Having pizza and ANZAC biscuits delivered by our Mayor definitely made the very long night sweeter!

Saxon – Yr 6, Room 9



So far in SAT this term all groups have come back with great ideas to improve our school. In the SRC meetings so far SRCs have come up with an improvement plan that all SAT groups can use to come up with ideas to run events, groups, etc. One of the things the Health and Wellbeing group is promoting is P.B.A.C (Premier’s Be Active Challenge) across all classes. In the ECO group they have discussed getting the green thumbs club up and running again. The Community group has discussed doing a project with their buddies. In the Cultural Perspectives group, they have come up with the idea of running a story time club.

Michala and Connor (SRC’s)

Pastoral Care

I have had a wonderful time running Kimochis and What’s the Buzz.  It’s been wonderful to see kids so enthusiastic as I walk through the door.

Over the last few weeks the receptions have been introduced to my Kimochis friends.  Lovey Dove is the nurturer, Hugtopus is the silly bouncy one, Cloud can be a moody, Bug is shy and Cat loves being the centre of attention.  Each one of my Kimochis friends has a personality that the students identify with, usually one more strongly than the rest.  Through the conversations around the Kimochis students begin to understand themselves, their feelings and reactions a little more.

In What’s the Buzz the students in rooms 3, 6 and 7 have been learning to recognise some of their feelings and linking these with the sensations or ‘warning signs’ they might feel in their bodies.  This link between sensations and our feelings can be very powerful.  It helps us to recognise our triggers, the things that might give us these uncomfortable feelings or warning signs.  It is also a tool to help regulate our emotions when we are in a heightened state.

Both these programs are assisting our kids with their emotional intelligence (EQ).  By knowing ourselves and our triggers we are equipping our students to not only learn techniques to regulate but also to help others to do the same.


Old colouring books or colouring pages for our colouring club. Seeds for our Green Thumbs club

Thank you, from Judy


Community News

The Blackwood Reconciliation Group  are hosting their annual Reconciliation Walk on Sunday, 29 May 2022 from 11:30am, starting at the Blackwood roundabout.

BRG are inviting children from local schools and preschools to join a singalong of The Colebrook Song after the walk and would love to hear as many voices as possible singing together in memory of the children of Colebrook.

From the Classroom


In Room 3, we have been thinking persuasively. We have looked at advertising and have been considering what makes us want to purchase a product.

We used our creative thinking to design a robot, name it and price it. We came up with reasons that people would want to buy our robots and tried to be convincing.

Patrick designed and created a robot pet called ‘Nino’. He says ‘if you’re lonely, you will have a friend. This means you will be happier. It is also a fun toy for kids because it has a ball’.

Elijah’s robot is called ‘Atuo’ and ‘it will be your personal assistant which means it will save you time. Atuo will be your buddy so you have more fun and will even be your bodyguard to keep you safe.’

Imogen designed a robot that dispenses your vitamins. She claims that ‘this will save you time and remind you of when to take them so you never forget. It has an extra feature that can tell when you’re happy or sad and changes colours to show your feelings.’

Ely’s robot, ‘Robowork’, does your homework for you. ‘This robot can scan multiple pieces of homework at a time and will alert you when it is finished with your work.’ Ely claims ‘You will get an A+ every time because the robot knows everything!’

Archie’s robot makes food and money! ‘When it makes food, it means people will have more time to spend with their family. It will also keep you company. When you’re home alone, you can talk to it. It can make money for you which will help you buy more things for your family and for yourself.’


Science & Design Technology

The tasks set were: Year 5’s – research, build, then present a model of something man-made that is based on Earth, that assists in Space research. Year 6’s – research, build to scale, then present a model of something man-made that is in outer space.

Student learnings included: (Mika) Australia played a major part in the Apollo 11 Moon landing; (Heidi) 414 years ago, the telescope was invented by Hans Lippmann; (Zac) Hans Lippmann was actually a movie director; (Harry) The first steam-fueled rocket was launched in 1926; (Nathan) The Apollo 11 mission cost an estimated 25.4 billion dollars, with the splashdown capsule costing 40 million of that; (Casper) the James Webb telescope is so incredibly sensitive that it could detect a bee on the Moon;; (Hudson) The first satellite was called Sputnik, made by the Russians. (Ethan) Neil Armstrong’s famous quote was, “That’s one small step for Man. One giant leap for Mankind.”; (Connor) The Apollo missions have gone up to Apollo 14; (Michala) The Atlantis Space Shuttle blew up killing the entire crew; (Toby) the Space Shuttle Challenger 1 blew up on its journey from earth on 28/1/1986; (Declyn) Saturn V is the rocket that took Apollo 11 to the Moon and back. This is just a sample of the amazing space models built by our class:

Colour Collage Art

In the last few weeks, Mr. Elliott (Pre-service teacher) in Room 8 has taught us the importance of colours and how they can contrast with one another. We have also been studying the colour wheel and to use it effectively. By using the colour wheel, we have learned about complementary and analogous colours. These colour combinations contrast with each other to make individual colours stand out. By using these techniques, we have developed our own collage art by only using cut up colours. Can you see any images within our artworks?

Walk Safely To School Day at HPS – Friday 27th of May

On the 27th of May the students of HPS will walk to school. This isn’t just for wellbeing but it can also make an impact on the environment. Around about two hundred muscles are used each step you take.

Cars can be a big impact on the earths system. If you think about using 350 cars in one morning, it’s a lot! If there’s too much smoke from fuel in one spot, it can cause serious damage to animals around the area and damage their habitats.

The people of the Health and Wellbeing SAT group have created posters to hang up around the school to spread the word about staying fit and healthy. Walking to school is a healthy alternative to driving a car, so put your shoes on and get groovin’ down to school.

Wow! Did you know that you can win a book? All you have to do is walk from at least 6 houses if you live far away. At the end of the walk you can feel rewarded for getting yourself up and moving, not being lazy and driving a couple of minutes down the road, which is not necessary. If you don’t move enough you will start to get lazy and not want to do anything.

By Harper, Xanthe, (members of the Health and Wellbeing SAT Group), and Millie (SRC)