Volunteers play an integral part in supporting the work of the department and enriching the lives of children and young people in public education and child development.

Volunteers do many roles that support the work of department staff to make sure children and young people are cared for in a safe and positive environment.

Volunteer activities positively support the achievement of programs and organisational objectives. Volunteer activities should be meaningful, both to the volunteer and in contributing to the outcomes of students.

Volunteer roles at HPS currently include:-


  • Sports Coaching
    Incursions and Excursions
    Classroom Volunteers
    Library Volunteers

If you are new to volunteering at HPS and/or have not submitted your Working With Children Check (WWCC) and Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education Certification (RAN-EC) you will need to follow the process to becoming a volunteer.


Steps to becoming a Volunteer at Hawthorndene Primary School


To complete your RAN training online, please register for a Plink volunteer account:-


  • Visit: https://www.plink.sa.edu.au/pages/signup.jsf
  • Select Non Department Sign-Up
  • Fill in your details: * in the field ‘Select Account type’ select Volunteer/Fundamentals
  • Enter your email address (this will be your plink username), choose a password, and type in your name
  • Select ‘I accept the terms of use and code of ethics’
  • Select ‘Create Account’


Start the training


  • Select the course ‘Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RRHAN-EC) online induction session for volunteers/fundamentals’
  • Select ‘Register’
  • Select ‘Register’ again
  • Select ‘Open Module’ when you’re ready to start

If you need any help, please call the Help Desk – 8179 1400 or email for technical help @ decd.plink@sa.gov.au


  • Email your clearance/certificates to dl.0972_info@schools.sa.edu.au
  • Wait for Volunteer Confirmation email. Please note that before commencing any volunteer work you will need to have received the Volunteer Confirmation email.  This could take up to two weeks. Please allow enough time before a scheduled event to process the application.