Pastoral care has been a significant part of the support network at Hawthorndene Primary School for many years. It provides an immediate in-school link to well-being support for students and staff within the school community. Pastoral care workers (PCWs) play a support and referral role as they are not qualified to provide an official counselling or psychology service within the school. PCWs promote student wellbeing, engaging young people in activities that are preventative and which support early intervention and referral of mental health issues. Having a PCW deepens our capacity as a school to value the emotional health of our students and in turn create greater learning outcomes. We know that when children feel safe emotionally they are more likely to face challenges with resilience.

Judy is Hawthorndene’s Pastoral Care worker and works from Monday to Thursday.

Judy has a background as a youth pastor and has worked as a program co-ordinator and a youth worker for ‘at risk’ young people on the fringes of the education system and understands the importance of wellbeing on learning. She has completed a Bachelor of Applied Social Science with a Youth Work major.

Judy provides 1:1 wellbeing support, assists students to run clubs at lunch and recess, supports Play is the Way program, facilitate social skills programs including Kimochi’s and What’s the Buzz as well as co-ordinate the Kids Hope Australia mentoring program. The Pastoral Care Worker puts emphasis on seeking out advice and support from other professionals in order to provide the most relevant care to our students at HPS.

If you feel as though you or your child would benefit from some extra well-being support please contact the school for more information.